The pros win



I’m feeling a bit more positive today.  After yesterday’s post about longing to be free of gluten and dairy restrictions, I realize I am capable of more than I ever imagined.

Whenever I have been faced with a critical decision, I have always made a pros and cons list to help me decide which direction to take.  Yesterday was all about the cons.  Today is all about the pros.

  1. I never dreamed I would be blogging about this journey, and would do so this successfully.  I am so grateful for everyone who reads, follows and even just visits my site.
  2. I have found strength in family-my husband, who is my greatest support; my son and brother, who share in this condition, and my extended family, who are always understanding.
  3. I have touched many people.  People from all over the world visit, and also comment. This means more than you could ever imagine
  4. I am helping others.  Not only those with gluten and dairy intolerance, but those with celiac, eating disorders, and even those who might not suffer themselves, but know someone who does.
  5. I have learned more than I ever thought possible about gluten and dairy.
  6. I am living my dream of being a successful writer, even though it is not in the way I imagined.
  7. I have honed my cooking and baking skills.
  8. I have become confident in kitchen techniques thus enabling me to advise others.
  9. I have gained confidence in writing, advising, and guiding others.
  10. I have learned that success does not mean monetary gain.
  11. I am thrilled every day watching the readership on my site grow.
  12. I am finally relatively free of the symptoms that plagued me for years.
  13. I have become an expert on deciphering restaurant menus.
  14. I can replicate almost any main dish, side or dessert I desire.

So the good does outweigh the bad.  Perhaps I can find a way to dine out again.  We should not allow our food intolerances make us stop enjoying life.  Food should not be the focus for us.  The focus should be on the time spent with people we love.

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