Believe half of what you see….

demand evidence

The information in this article is my opinion only.  

Today’s post was going to be about the dangers of supplements.  But before I get into that, I wanted to mention a blog post I ran across today.  It does tie in with my initial post idea because it is really about being informed and checking your information.

For the last couple of days, I have been going through wordpress reader, hoping to not only extend my readership, but also to support other bloggers in the wordpress community.

Today I was looking for other blogs on fodmaps and came across one that made me a bit surprised.  The blogger is a dietetic intern (registered dietician trainee).  The article was about what to bring with you when traveling if your diet is restricted.  She mentioned bringing your own condiments for flavoring bland foods.  This is fine, except she mentioned soy sauce.  Soy sauce has wheat in it, which is not on the fodmap safe foods list.  I did make a comment, which was deleted.  Oh well, she has the right to do that, but what does that say about her integrity?

This brings up a point I have made before-if you are going to offer information and advice, please check your resources.  Someone new to fodmaps may not have known that soy sauce is not safe.  The majority of people, I am sad to say, do not do their research.

It might have been an oversight, of course-we are all human and make mistakes.  But I always check my information.  This is downright scary for a dietician, trainee or not, to overlook.

Whenever you are reading an article, blog post (even mine) or watching an advertisement on TV about some wonder pill, you should always do your research.  I am sure you will find that the supplement that promises to prevent colds, make you smarter, make you sexier, or whatever promises they make, doesn’t do or contain what they are telling you.  In fact, I find some of the things that are advertised downright dangerous.

Take the commercial for HGH-or human growth hormone.  It promises youth in a bottle, however, there is a reason why we stop producing this hormone as we get older.  The same with testosterone in men and estrogen in women.  We are supposed to grow older, like it or not.  We are not meant to recapture our youth.  Especially not by taking a pill, gel or cream.

There was a recent Frontline show titled “Supplements and Safety”  If you are taking any kind of supplement, or know someone who is, you should watch this documentary.  It is really scary.  The FDA does NOT regulate these things.  Some are tainted with anabolic steroids, some do not contain what is stated on the label, some are downright dangerous. The supplement lobby made sure that they could not be regulated.  Which is why I always say-be your own advocate and do your homework.

Whenever I see a product that I think might help me, I immediately google it so I can see beyond the hype.  An article I was reading this morning-Probiotics have been overhyped and rely on shaky science-really brings this point home.

I think the biggest problem I have with hyped advertising are with Activia yogurt and Airborne.  If you are lactose or dairy intolerant, Activia will not help you.  Even if you aren’t it won’t help with your digestion.  In fact, the makers were sued for making false claims, but yet continue to advertise.  The same with Airborne.  The makers of this supplement with mega vitamin C and other herbals were also sued for false advertising.

We should all be aware that these companies are advertising these supplements for one reason only-to make money.  You need to be your own advocate for your own health and take these claims with a grain of salt.

Like the Beatles said “think for yourself”.

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