Pizza pizza-new product reviews

All of these products are gluten and dairy free.  Always read labels for other allergens!!!!

Those of you who have been reading my blog know of my struggle to find a good gluten and dairy free pizza crust.  I have finally found it!


As you can probably guess, I was very skeptical, but I have to say, these mini crusts really taste like pizza crust.  They are a bit thin, but they bake up crisp.  I have a new love affair with Katz’s products.  But there is one exception:

katz bagel

I love Udi’s bagels but wanted to try something new.  I am sad to say I was disappointed. They have a weird texture and also a weird kind of fishy taste.  I could not get these to toast.  Gluten free bread is hard to toast, but for some reason these would not get brown at all.  Oh well, back to Udi’s.

I love eating soup.  I miss eating Campbell’s and Progresso.  Progresso has some gluten free soups but most are not dairy free. Plus I don’t want to spend an hour looking up and down shelves just to find one gluten and dairy free soup!  Ah, the usual conundrum!   I found these at the local Kroger:


There is no dairy in this or any other of their cream soups.  This is wonderful for anyone who loves cream soup.  Granted, it is a bit thin…but you can’t have everything.  I have also tried the creamy mushroom.  I think I could make green bean casserole with that.  This soup is delicious. Be advised these are smooth-there are no solids in these soups.  It is creamy and a bit sweet. I also like their butternut squash soup.  Very satisfying in this recent weather:


As you all know, I have a big sweet tooth.  I am always looking for new cookies and cakes. I was happy to find these the other day at Kroger:



I have never heard of these.  The chocolate chip is really good.  Tastes like chocolate chip.  But the oatmeal doesn’t really taste like oatmeal.  Oh well, it’s still ok and I will eat them.

I ordered this blueberry cake from gluten free palace:

katz blueberry

It’s really good-moist, full of real blueberries-not artificial at all.

Last but not least, gluten free piecrust:


I wasn’t sure I would be able to find this.  I will be using this in my lemon meringue pie today.  Yes, today is P(ie) day.  I am short on gluten free graham cracker crumbs.  I was going to buy a box of gluten free graham crackers, but they either have butter or honey in them.  I can’t order another box of Kinnickinik crumbs without spending $25 dollars on Amazon.  Frustrating!

I am going to try to take pictures as I make the pie.  I don’t want it to interfere with my tempering the eggs correctly so we will see how that goes.

There are endless products out there for you to try out.  We are no longer limited (except by snow storms!) by what is available locally.  Have credit card, will eat gluten and dairy free!



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