Pie in the sky

pie in the sky


Recently I have been thinking of making a lemon meringue pie.  I remember my mom making it, but don’t really remember the details. It was one of the few things she could bake.  Making it gluten and dairy free will be a challenge.

I have been reading up on technique-the only real difference is a gluten free crust and no butter in the lemon curd.  The technique will be the same.

I did find a gluten free recipe, but it’s oversimplified.  Not much here in the way of instructions.  So I did a search for tips on making the pie.   I have never had the nerve to make one from scratch, but now I will have to if I want one.  No more Mrs. Smiths.

I think the trickiest part will be making the lemon curd.  If you don’t mix those egg yolks in just right, you will end up with scrambled eggs.  I never quite got this technique down. Perhaps I should look for a youtube video.  God know if you don’t know how to do something, no doubt someone will post a video.

I’m not worried about the meringue.  How hard can it be?  My heavy duty mixer will do all the work.  And I have my cream of tarter and cornstarch at the ready.

I will either make a gluten free graham cracker crust, or will buy a frozen pie crust provided it does not have dairy in it.  Ah, dairy.  My nemesis in all things gluten free.  Dairy free makes it so much harder.  But, I have always loved a challenge!

I am thinking of posting either pictures or video on the how-to.  I would like feedback on that-would anyone want to watch it, I wonder?

I will certainly post my results along with a picture.  Fingers crossed!


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