Where’s the cream cheese?



I am finding it increasingly difficult to find Tofutti cream cheese since we moved here to Tennessee.  It’s as if it doesn’t exist.

Finding dairy free products is difficult anywhere-it is one of my biggest pet peeves.   Gluten free products galore are available;  what’s with the lack of non-dairy options?  I know dairy intolerance (not lactose intolerance) isn’t as popular or lucrative, but it often goes hand in hand with gluten intolerance.   I guess it just hasn’t caught on.

I am wanting to make a no bake dairy free cheesecake, but I can’t do that without dairy free cream cheese.  Tofutti to me is the closest to the real thing .  Not that there are other brands available either…there aren’t.

I have been to Walmart, Kroger, Publix…even the local health food store, and none of them seem to ever have it.  They have dairy free milk, dairy free cheese, and Tofutti sour cream.  But no cream cheese.

I did speak to a department manager this morning in the Kroger down in Hendersonville, who told me they just ran out and a new shipment will be in on Saturday.  A whole 12 packages.  He said it will sit there for three months, then suddenly it will all disappear.  Weird.  Doubly weird because another lady came in asking for the same thing.  You would think they would get the hint.

I am going to ask my local Kroger if they will stock it for me.  I am beyond frustrated.   Shipping it to my home is out of the question….it will cost a fortune since it has to be refrigerated.  No doubt I would have to buy an entire case.

If I ever get the cream cheese, I will post the recipe for the dairy free cheesecake.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me…..

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