IBSeeing you



Yesterday, I had a terrible bout of stomach upset.  Since I stopped eating gluten and dairy, I tend to get complacent about my IBS.  Sometime I forget I still have it.

There is a world of difference in how I feel, but I still have my bad days.  Fortunately, the good days outnumber them.

I woke up with a vague stomach ache.  As the day wore on, it got progressively worse.  Let’s just say me and my bathroom got well acquainted.  At first I thought, did I pick up Norovirus somewhere?  I literally felt like crap.

I had a haircut appointment yesterday which had been rescheduled due to my back issues last week.  After taking immodium, I crossed my fingers and left the house.

I did make it through the appointment but skipped lunch when I got home.  I not only wasn’t hungry, I was afraid to feed the beast that was now growling in my stomach.

I had an early dinner, figuring I had to eat something.  Maybe a cheeseburger wasn’t my best choice, but it seemed to be calling my name. You guessed it, about a half hour later, old faithful returned with a vengeance.

I am not sure what set me off in the first place.  I know it was not gluten or dairy-I ate nothing out of the ordinary the day before.  Maybe it was the xantham gum in the corn muffins?  I had never had an issue with it before.  I’m sure the two cups of tea I had back to back yesterday didn’t help either.  Maybe it was the anxiety of chopping all of my hair off.  Who knows.  Oh yes, anxiety and stress play a very big part.  I used to get it all the time when I worked in customer service.  I’m sure that needs no explanation.   You periods can make it worse too.  Which is why I finally got a hysterectomy(after 15 years of suffering).  That did help quite a bit, but change in helped more.

That’s the thing with IBS.  You can eat something over and over and not have an issue.  Then one day, it literally bites you in the ass.  There is no rhyme or reason.   You go along just fine, then Wham!  It reminds you who is boss.

So if you suffer from IBS, and you have seen great improvement since going gluten and dairy free, beware.  You are not cured.  It will always be with you, lurking in the shadows.  In case you forget.

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