Ruffles have ridges…but Pringles have wheat??




How many times have you gone to the grocery store, hoping to find something familiar in a gluten free or dairy free equivalent, only to be disappointed by a litany of other allergen ingredients?

As stated by the title of this post; I was surprised and disappointed to find that Pringles contain wheat.  I was hoping to find an alternative to plain potato chips.  Sometimes our tastebuds need a new and exciting product, or an old favorite, to wake them up.

I don’t know what’s worse-labeling something gluten free that never had gluten in the first place; such as popcorn…or adding wheat to something that really shouldn’t have wheat as an ingredient;  such as potato chips.

I really wish that food companies would wake up and smell the gluten free, dairy free, caffeine free coffee.   Oh wait, coffee is gluten free naturally, you say?  It’s just a marketing  ploy, aimed at people who think gluten free is a great way to lose weight and be healthy?   And you’d be right.  Well, I call BS on the food companies.

I wish that allergy free products would not be lumped in with “healthy” or specialty” foods.  This is not a healthy diet folks.  I can’t for the life of me understand why people who are not food intolerant would want to eliminate these foods.   If there was a magic pill that allowed me to eat these foods again, I would take it in a heartbeat!

Then there are, as I mentioned above, the “allergen tradeoff” products.  Gluten free, but not dairy free.  Dairy free but not soy free.  Gluten and dairy free, but not agave or inulin free (see my posts on IBS).  The list goes on and on.

Some manufacturers do get it-Pamelas (although some products contain dairy and agave, but are clearly labelled), Enjoy Life, etc.   But some don’t-Rudis, for example.  Most of their breads contain inulin or agave.  And some contain wheat.  I can’t repeat enough-READ THE LABEL!!!!!!!!   I am guilty of not doing this when I am in a hurry and have paid dearly for it.   I am not sure why food manufacturers will cater to gluten intolerance but not dairy, nuts, eggs, soy and agave.  Molasses is another big one.  See my posts on Fodmaps.  Molasses, honey, inulin-these are death to those with Fodmap intolerance.

As an example, today I was looking for bread in the local Kroger.  I am still struggling with finding things I need since we moved here three weeks ago (has it really been that long?)  I did find a small section with “specialty” frozen items as I was making my way out of the store.  No Udis bread…sigh…oh well, I had a choice between Kinnickinick bread which contains molasses, or Rudis which contains inulin.  Pick your poison I said to myself, so I took the lesser of two evils and picked the Kinnickinick.

In conclusion, I am hoping as time goes on we will see more allergen friendly convenience foods.  Until then we are on our own, my friends.

Are you newly diagnosed celiac or gluten intolerant?  Do you have food allergies and don’t know where to start?  Click here.


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