Highway to gluten hell

We started our two day journey to our new home this past Sunday.  With the car packed to the rafters and the kitties crated, off we went.

I had planned to grab some fast food along the way because we couldn’t leave our cats alone for long.  I had bought some gluten free hamburger rolls, but in our frenzy to get on the road, I left them behind.  Oh well, I thought, I can grab a salad or eat a plain burger.  Little did I know….

Our kitties led us a merry chase and refused to be crated so we were quite frazzled by the time we corralled them.  We ended up leaving around 11 am for what would be an 8 hour drive.

I started checking out fast food options about an hour before lunchtime.  Our cats were surprisingly quiet- we had expected a meow chorus but they hardly made a peep.

I searched a couple of really useful apps to try to find a safe option. I used gluten free registry and also Iexit.  I used to have the I95 exit guide but it is really outdated now.  Iexit will locate you on any highway and tell you what is at each exit.

I found a great website that shows nutritional value of all fast food. I stumbled across this website by accident.  The website is foodfacts.com. The link below shows the ingredients and allergens in a Burger King hamburger:

Burger King hamburger allergens
There are 87 ingredients.  87!!!   Excluding the bun, there are still potential allergens.

I decided to avoid the burgers and get a grilled chicken salad.  I thought I was playing it safe.  Right…

Here is the link to the ingredients:

Burger King grilled chicken salad
I scanned the ingredients.  All 137 of them.  I actually had to order a side salad and add the grilled chicken.  I forgot about the cheese.  I tried to pick around it.  We were tired, hungry, and stressed.  Bad move.  About an hour later, I started feeling sick.  Uh oh…..luckily it wasn’t too serious.  In fact, it really didn’t hit me until the next day.

We skipped dinner that night.  Next morning, our cat decided to hide inside the motel bed. We did get her out but it was difficult.  We had to move the bed and chase her out.  We cornered her in the bathroom.  My husband had had no coffee and neither of us had much sleep.  Again, we rushed out onto the road as we were facing another six hour drive.  I did bring breakfast bars with m at least.   That afternoon we ate at Cracker Barrel.  A safe port in a storm.

Looking back on it, I should have planned better.  Could I have squeezed a cooler in the car?   Probably.  I can truly say never again.  I have not eaten fast food in over a year.  I really don’t miss it. But whether you have food allergies or not, as you can see, it is best avoided.  Not healthy for anyone.

I eat frozen burgers.  Not really completely void of additives but geez, the list is much shorter.

I am hoping that someone reading this will benefit from my mistakes.  I hope we never have to face this situation again!

If you find yourself in a similar situation, at least do your homework.  Your tummy will thank you.

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  1. Jessica Adam says:

    I’m glad to read this. Fast food restaurants are a struggle for me trying to find GF among other things. Thanks for sharing. 137 ingredients is beyond alarming. Yikes! 🙂


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      I’m so glad my post was of help. Please contact me if I can assist you in any other way. I offer free consultation.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jessica Adam says:

        Wow. Ok. I’ve had a lot of baking disasters with GF flours. Comical, but disasters! I can cook anything with wheat flour. GF is an adventure, for sure. 🙂


      2. glutenfreelady says:

        Try using either gluten free bisquick, King Arthur or Pamelas. They are all wonderful. Tons of recipes too.


      3. Jessica Adam says:

        Thank you. I appreciate that. I found out recently that I have some issues with rice flours, so I’ve been experimenting with nut flours and coconut flour.


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