What’s new Pussycat? Finding new gluten and dairy free products

I made a trip to the health food store the other day in preparation for the upcoming move to Tennessee.  As always happens, I went to buy one thing-Udi’s hamburger rolls-and ended up with a cartful of stuff.

I don’t go there often because prices are higher than at the local supermarket; so when I do go, I am always looking for things I can’t get at the local stores.

I found some new products I think are really good and I would like to share my opinion of them.

IMG_1556 IMG_1554 IMG_1555

The first item pictured on the left is almond dream pumpkin spice milk.  I wasn’t actually looking for flavored milk but this caught my eye. It is a shelf stable milk-something I don’t normally buy.  I was skeptical as these things never taste as great as they look on the package.  But this lives up to the expectation.  Creamy and slightly spicy with a mild pumpkin flavor.  It’s not overly sweet either.  Great with cookies.

The next product on the right is Jovial foods gluten free chocolate filled cookies.  This is the same Jovial foods that makes the einkorn wheat pasta and flour that I talked about in a previous post.  And yes, they had einknorn cookies right next to these, but I wasn’t brave enough to try them. These cookies are two to an individual pack (they are small) and have a good chocolate flavor.  They are a bit hard but the creamy middle more than makes up for that.  Best of all, no dairy.  This is always an issue for me-there is always some ingredient I can’t tolerate.  Maybe one day I will get up my courage to try the einkorn wheat cookies.  If they are this good, and I can tolerate them, that would be huge.

On the lower left is Katz’s gluten free pumpkin spice donuts.  I was really wary to try these-donuts are one of the things I really miss most and I really didn’t think a gluten free donut would be up to snuff.  Boy was I wrong!  Just 20 seconds in the microwave and they are warm and fragrant. Great pumpkin spice flavor.  The texture on these is pretty good-I mean you can tell they are gluten free but they are not gritty at all.  They are frozen and you thaw as needed which helps the texture-at least that is my opinion.  I keep all my gluten free breads in the freezer and thaw and toast as needed.  I know there is some debate on this but to each his own.

The hardest part for me moving down south is that I am not sure what all I will be facing as far as gluten and dairy free options.  There is a health food store nearby but as I mentioned earlier, the cost can be staggering.  Amazon is a great resource for dry goods but it is a bit inconvenient.  No doubt there will be different foods to try as well as a lack of some foods I have come to rely on and love.  The local Walmart and Kroger have a nice selection of gluten free foods.  We checked them out on our trip down in April.  I had to make sure I could maintain my dietary needs.  I did not see any dairy free foods-but these are sometimes found in the oddest places and I didn’t really look that hard.

I will be taking some of my pantry goods with me.  Especially the expensive ones like my tamari (gluten free soy sauce) and sesame oil.

I will be blogging on my experiences eating gluten and dairy free on the road, in the motel with two cats, setting up a pantry in the new apartment, and my shopping hits and misses.

It will definitely be an adventure and no doubt full of blog inspiring tales.

So stay tuned!

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