Talk about einkorn, einkorn….


Recently I came across several articles and blog posts referring to einkorn.  Einkorn is wheat, but it is the wheat of the ancients. Unadulterated and unfooled around with.  These articles are specifically talking about how einkorn can change your life if you are gluten intolerant.

Basically, it comes down to this:

Einkorn is not today’s wheat; it is the wheat of our ancestors.  Therefore, it should be tolerated by those with gluten issues because of it’s unchanged structure.  It goes something like this:

Modern wheat is the result of quite a few “edits” and additional chromosomes:

  • 8,000 BC Emmer Spontaneous hybridization of wheat and goat grass (28 chromosomes)
  • 6,000 BC Spelt Emmer seeds intentionally hybridized with goat grass near the Caspian Sea (42 chromosomes)
  • 4-5,000 BC Durum and Soft Wheat Over time, farmers were able to shift emmer into durum (used in pasta) and spelt into soft wheat (pastry flour)
  • 1940-1960 Dwarf Wheat created via hybridization…and the problems began

Einkorn was static during that time, nearly extinct because farmers stopped cultivating it around the time durum and soft wheat became available. It was discovered and replenished by Jovial Foods, after the founders discovered their gluten sensitive daughter could consume it without problems.

Thanks to for this information.  You can read more about the science behind einkorn on their website.

Jovial foods has brought back original wheat so that those of us who would kill for a real pizza or a real bagel will now have that possibility.  Oh by the way, if you are celiac-sorry, you are SOL my friend.  No einkorn for you!!!

I have to say, I was sucked in by the distant smell of real bread.  But wait……do I listen to my brain, or my taste buds?  Jovial foods not only ground einkorn available on its website, but whole wheat berries and pasta as well.  Pasta… granted, I have found some gluten free pastas that you would be hard pressed to know it’s gluten free.  Same with bagels and cookies.  Baked goods, not so much.  I am sorely disappointed in the taste and structure of baked goods.  Once refrigerated, abandon all hope of anything resembling real cake.  More like sand.  I have found very few recipes that stand up to being gluten free.  Biscuits, pancakes and most cakes are an utter failure.

Yes, I am tempted.  Yes, I might take the plunge.  What’s the worst that could happen?  I could be sick for a couple of days.  And the price is about the same that I pay for most gluten free flour.  Once we are settled in our new apartment, I might just place an order.  But there is a caveat.  Apparently, you can’t just use it cup for cup in recipes.  It needs special handling.  Oops, do I detect a cookbook tie in???   Yes, I do!  But there are recipes for free online.

If I do decide to take the plunge into wheat madness, I will post my results and thoughts here at a future date.  So stay tuned.  I might just open up a whole new world of gluten possibilities!

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