Trick or treat……give me something allergy free to eat


Once again it is the time of year for pumpkins, ghosts, witches and…….food allergies.  When we were kids, there was no such thing as gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan, organic halloween candy.  It wasn’t even an issue.   What has happened over the past five years or so?   Instead of the fear of razor blades and poisoned candy, our kids are pretty much allergic to every substance known to man.   How did this happen?

While I was searching for a cruise line that would accommodate my gluten and dairy intolerance, I was reading the boards on   I noticed that most of the posts talked about small children with multiple allergies-gluten,dairy, eggs, nuts, soy etc….Some of these children are less than a year old.  Is it possible that we are making our children into petri dishes?

In other posts I have written of my disdain for the medical establishment.  When studies for cholesterol are done by the manufacturers of cholesterol medications, I tend to not believe everything I am told by doctors.  It makes me wonder how much the old “believe everything the doctor tells you” rhetoric is at hand here.  Just because a doctor tells you something doesn’t mean it’s true.  Some doctors have ulterior motives for certain diagnoses.  Gluten intolerance is the new cancer-a huge moneymaker for not only pharmaceutical companies but doctors as well.  Diagnose someone with a food allergy, and you have years of moneymaking potential, especially if that someone is a small child.

Now before I get my head handed to me, let me say that I am sure there are legitimate cases of true allergies in children and adults.  But, it seems that lately this has increased a hundred fold.   Allergy testing is not foolproof.  In fact, it isn’t very accurate.

Here is an article on the inaccuracy of food allergy testing:

Think you have food allergies, think again

This quote from the article sums it up:

The only sure-fire way to test for food allergies is with food challenges, in which patients consume controlled and increasing doses of a suspected food under careful supervision.

This is the reverse of the elimination diet, which is how I found out about my intolerance to gluten and dairy.  In either case, you should consult a physician or nutritionist.   Especially if it is for a child.   I would recommend the nutritionist over the physician but that is just my opinion.

Blood testing for food allergies is grossly inaccurate, and is most likely the way doctors will test for these allergies.  I am thinking that most, not all, food allergies are not allergies at all.

How does a three month old child have a gluten allergy? Dairy, yes.  I believe I have had this intolerance since infancy.  Notice I said intolerance, not allergy.  These terms are often confused.  An allergy is life threatening.  An intolerance is not.  Part of being a child is enjoying treats.  Before you take that away, make sure it is necessary.

I am hoping that this post will make parents and adults think about the so-called “allergies” they think they have, and will get accurate testing if only to open up possibilities.

Being gluten and dairy is no fun as an adult.  It is ten times harder if you are a child.

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