Whatever can have gluten will….

I am admittedly a pessimist.  Or as my dad called it, a realist.  I live by Murphy’s law.

Some may say that negativity is self fulfilling but I tend to disagree.   It is years of bad luck and disappointments that have shaped my outlook on life.  But when I finally had my aha moment of the gluten and dairy connection, something changed in me.

No, not just my lifestyle, but my whole life.

I have suffered with stomach issues since infancy.  I was told by my mother that I had terrible colic and had to be put on soy formula.  I had stomach aches in grade school which were attributed to nerves.

Later on I was diagnosed with gastritis.  I could never figure out why Chinese food and ice cream made me sick.  Then came the gallstones, followed by the IBS diagnosis.  Then the hysterectomy.

I always thought that all these things were connected but could never prove it.

Once I went gluten and dairy free,  I found freedom from illness, but also faced the restrictions of diet.  It is the hardest, most frustrating, maddening, most rewarding, most enlightening thing I have ever done.

It is a daily struggle, a trial, a triumph, and sometimes an utter failure.  Sometimes I feel utterly alone.   Then someone will ask me a question about dairy free milk or gluten free bread.  Or my son and brother will talk with me about a new gluten free product. Or my husbands smiles and eats my latest food concoction.   Then I realize, I am not alone.

I’ll be angry because a restaurant doesn’t have a decent gluten free menu or has no options at all.   Or a waiter will put the bread basket in front of me.  Then I come across a chef and staff who really care and go out of their way to please me.  Then I grin from ear to ear.

Living this lifestyle is an excercise in mood swings.  I try to dwell on the positives but sometimes my realism wins out.  Sometimes it is a true pain in the ass.   Could I stop and go back to eating pizza?   Sure I could.  But I would be back living in the bathroom.

Attending AA meetings with my alcoholic ex husband taught me something.  There is always someone worse off than you.   That is a fact.  It could be a whole lot worse.

I try not to dwell on what I can’t eat and appreciate what I can.  This way of life has honed my kitchen skills.   I have no choice in that regard.  There are no gluten free drivethrus.

What surprises me most of all is that I don’t really miss gluten or dairy.  There is a way to duplicate almost anything I have a craving for.  And if I can’t I find I can live without it.  I cut corners whenever I can with packaged goods.  That helps a lot.

If you are having tummy issues I suggest you try an elimination diet.  You might be surprised how good you feel.   It has not only made me better in health, but a better person all around.

If I can help you in your journey please contact me.

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