This train is bound for gluten….

My apologies for the recent shortage of blog posts.  We are getting ready for our big move to Tennessee next month and things have been a bit hectic.

A couple of days ago I thought, hey, why not check into some things to do in lovely White House Tennessee?   So I got busy on google and found some neat things.

Firstly, we will be near Nashville, so I thought I would check into the gluten free options.  No problem there!

Nashville restaurants with gluten free options
This always makes me smile.  I am so glad to see the effort being madeto accommodate those with food allergies or dietary restrictions.  But then there is the other end of the spectrum.

Looking further online I came across is this:

Wine train ride from Nashville
Wow!   This is right up our alley I thought.  Reasonable price for a full day on the train with generous wine tastings and food…….food….uh oh…….

My brain came to a screeching halt.    Ok, my practical side said, better check into it….  Well folks, as you probably guessed, there is no mention of “special dietary needs”.  And here’s the kicker-“no outside food is allowed on train”.

Now let me get this straight-Am I the only person in the Nashville area that has dietary restrictions?   Really???   There is no way I’m taking a nine hour train ride and drinking copious amounts of alcohol without eating something.    I realize they want to make money from food concessions but this almost borders on discriminatory.

I checked both the train and winery websites.  Food is available on the train and at the winery…..ok, what kind of food?   And no doubt at jacked up prices.  I do plan on contacting both to ask if there are any gluten and dairy free options.  But depending on who answers my email,  they could be giving out wrong information We all know how clueless some restaurants are.  Last weekend we went to a restaurant in Maryland. On the gluten free menu was:


10oz. Sirloin, robustly seasoned & marinated in Bare Bones’ Tiber River Red Ale, grilled over an open flame and topped with sauted Mushrooms, melted Monterey Jack Cheese & Onion Straws.

Yikes!!!!   Ale and onion straws.  A glaring error.   Each item in the menu that was gluten free had a “gf” next to it.  I told the waiter about my food allergies but since he plopped the bread basket down right in front of me I don’t think he got it.  Does anyone???

I am hoping to be able to bring my own food onboard the train.   But somehow I doubt it.   People would wonder why I was allowed to and they weren’t. It’s my only safe bet.   It’s becoming truly maddening; not only do I have to be deprived at home but when going out as well.   I do try not to dwell on it, but when you are out it turns you into a social pariah.

Once we are settled, I am starting a meetup group.  There is strength in numbers.  People need to know they are not alone.   Having my son and now my brother on the bandwagon helps.   I thought writing this blog would too, but it’s not enough.  Especially to those who have no idea what it’s like to walk through the minefield of daily life being gluten and dairy intolerant.  I thank you for reading my blog posts but if you know or come across someone who perhaps is holding you up on a buffet line because he doesn’t know what is safe to eat, or if someone in your party asks the waiter if something is gluten free and they delay your meal, be patient, and thank your lucky stars that you can have that dinner roll that is plopped in front of you.  And butter too!!

I do my homework but not everyone  knows how to go about it or bothers to do it.  It’s not an easy task.  Gluten free menus online are often hidden or non-existent.  Emailing may get you a response from a busboy.   Even if something on a menu says gluten free it often isn’t.   Most restaurant staff are clueless.  Everyone is jumping on the gluten free gravy train.   There oughta be a law………

I have offered consulting for this very reason but no one has contacted me as of yet.  The offer still stands.   Oh well, I shall jump off my wheaties box for now…..

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