Flat as a Pancake-epic fail in pancake making 

Ever since I went gluten free, I have tried and failed to find a decent pancake substitute.  I am the type who gets a craving every once in awhile; my husband on the other hand loves pancakes.  So I keep trying to find that fluffy pancake nirvana.

I have tried mixes, flours and such.   A couple of days ago I came across a two ingredient pancake recipe.  I was intrigued, if a bit skeptical.  By this point I can read a recipe and pretty much know right away if it’s going to work or not.  An example of this is a recent recipe for potato au gratin-another food that we both mourn.  I read through at least 20 recipes.   The one that made me laugh though stated in the instructions: “stir cornstarch directly into hot milk mixture”.  What??????    Cornstarch needs to be mixed with cold liquid to dissolve before you stir it into hot liquid or you will have paste.   Maybe she meant flour and made a mistake in the recipe.  I am covinced that these recipes are not tested and that they are peppered with fake glowing comments.

Anyway, back to the pancakes.  As I stated earlier- two ingredients.  Eggs and bananas.  That’s it.  Ok, I’m game I said.  So last night I decided to go ahead and try these.  Maybe I was wrong but what was going to hold these together?   Bananas are starchy but would that be enough?

My first mistake was making a full batch.:  Three eggs to three bananas.   The recipe said mash bananas well.  Anyone who has ever made banana bread knows there will be lumps no matter how much you mash them..   The recipe did not indicate the use of a food processor or blender.  So I used a potato masher and got them as mashed as possible.  I blended in the beaten eggs.   What I had was glop.   But hey, you never know.   I still had a shred of faith.

I got my frying pan hot and sprayed with cooking spray.  Now I have to confess, the recipe called for 1/3 cup of batter for each pancake.   I don’t have a 1/3 cup so I used a 1/4 cup.   I doubt this really made a difference.   The recipe said: ” once tops show bubbles turn over.”   Again, if you’ve ever made pancakes from scratch you know hat baking powder makes those bubbles and maker pancakes rise.  Ah, no baking powder in this recipe.  These puppies will never bubble.   Not in a million years.

I could not turn these over.  I really tried.  They were too wet.   I used two spatulas.  I covered them thinking they would cook faster.   I did manage to cook a few enough to eat them.   They did taste ok but really upset my stomach.

So let this be a lesson-if something in a recipe does not sound right, look it up.    Just because someone posts a recipe doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.  In fact, I think some of these recipes are from people who are newly gluten free, or people who don’t know a thing about it and are trying to ” help”.

I dumped half the science experiment down the sink.  That hurt.  Oh well from now on I will trust my gut and my instinct.

Here is the recipe if you are game:

Two ingredient pancakes
I am interested in knowing your results.  Please share.

Happy griddling!

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