Lights out- gluten free in a power failure

Two nights  ago we had a wicked storm that knocked out our power.   While walking to my car from work, praying I wouldn’t be struck by lightning, it didn’t occur to me that I would have no dinner.   I had made my dinners for the week the previous Saturday as I always do.  But I usually must ate a light dinner since I eat my big meal at lunch and had done so that day.

Coming home to a dark house I wondered how long the power would be out for. The storm had started about 6 pm and it was now a little after 7 pm.  Usually it’s not more than a couple of hours.  I contacted the electric company.   Our outage was widespread.  Estimated time for restored power was four days later.  Well there goes all of our food I thought.  I then also realized I had got caught with my knickers down so to speak-I had no backup plan for eating gluten free without power.

It wasn’t as though I could run out to get fast food or to the corner diner.  I had no safe canned goods on hand either.  Luckily we have a gas stove but I had nothing I could cook for the next few days.   And without refrigeration there really was no point.

We tossed out at least $100 worth of food.  Luckily power was restored last night and I was able to restock the fridge today.  But I learned a valuable lesson- I should always keep non-perishable safe canned or packaged food on hand.

This is no doubt something no one anticipates.  We all have the same “it can’t happen to me” arrogance as the builders of the titanic.  When hurricane Sandy hit several years ago, we stocked up on canned goods.  This was before I went gluten free.  We never did eat that Jack in the beanstalk giant size can of beef stew.  And we never lost power either.   Most canned soups and stews are out now.   But I will be looking into alternatives.

Most if us I am sure have no idea what really should be tossed when there is an extended power failure.  I found a couple f websites that are helpful with this:

What to save and what to toss in a power outage refrigerated food
What to keep and what to toss frozen food
Unfortunately we found this after we had tossed some things we could have kept.  But better safe than sorry.   I will be much better prepared should this happen again.  And I hope that by posting this information you will be too!

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