Chocolate cake triumph 

After my epic baking fails of last weekend, I decided to get back on the bicycle, so to speak, and try again.

I had found another gluten free chocolate cake recipe on Facebook that was from King Arthur.  Having had pretty good results from  their other recipes, I pulled my 8 inch cake pans out of the deep recesses of my kitchen cabinet , took a deep breath and let my gluten free freak flour fly.

Assembling my ingredients: gluten free flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, eggs, et al., I rolled up my sleeves, put on my apron and dug in.

This time the batter looked right.  The heavenly aroma of dark chocolate wafted through the air. Carefully filling the cake pans, I gingerly placed them in the preheated oven.   The countdown began.

As they baked, the house filled with more chocolate goodness, but how would it taste?   Thirty minutes later I pulled the cakes out of the oven.  The texture looked right.  I waited ten minutes as instructed by the recipe to let the cakes cool and then gently flipped them out of the pans.

I couldn’t stand the suspense….I had to taste it.   Taking my knife into my tembling hand, I sliced a small bite from the bottom of one of the cakes.   Once it hit my mouth I knew I had nailed it.  Chocolate nirvana!!!

The cake was moist and densely chocolatey.  I didn’t have to worry about wasting icing on this puppy, or having g to toss my failure into the trash.  But the final approval would have to come from my hubby.

After dinner, I cut us both a slice and topped them with a dollop of cool whip.   Holding my breath, I waited for his   Yay or nay.   “It’s good!”    Grinning from ear to ear, and confidence restored, I realized that I was my own worst enemy and that the fault wasn’t with me.   The fault is in the recipe.   I always follow baking recipes to the letter.   But I think that some of th recipes posted are from novice gluten fre bakers.  I think from now on I will only bake recipes from tried and true websites.

In case you want to try this awesome piece of confection for yourself, here is the recipe:

Gluten free chocolate cake
I guess I will have to take all of those cake pans out of retirement!



I made this cake again and realized I did not like it as much.  It was very dry.  I will continue to look for a great chocolate cake recipe.

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