Irritable because of everything syndrome-the disease that keeps on giving


All joking aside, IBS is nothing to laugh at.  At one time, it was said that it was all in the head of the sufferer.  Easy for them to say, since they don’t spend half of their life in the bathroom. I was diagnosed by an old fashioned doctor, just by a simple exam and my symptoms.  He said I was “text-book”.  If you have had your gallbladder out, chances are you suffer from IBS.  It is also triggered by stress and certain foods.  Too much fat, too spicy, too acidic-they all can trigger an attack.  Especially high fat.  Once your gallbladder is removed, your body no longer can store bile, which breaks down fat.  And you can set a clock by the reaction time.

There is another theory about IBS and something called fodmaps. You might not of heard of fodmaps. It’s a theory, proven by Dr. Sue Shepherd, that certain foods, and not only gluten, may affect certain people.  Especially those with IBS.

Here is the wikipedia definition of fodmaps

Here is Dr. Shepherd’s page.

The theory is that certain foods can trigger an IBS attack.  Here is a list:


Here is a written fodmap list also.

I realized that a lot of foods on this list always upset my stomach.  A lightbulb went off.  A ha!  You will notice gluten and dairy-two of the biggest problem food groups.  But there are others as well.  Some fruits, vegetables, and condiments can also trigger an attack.  I do not completely follow this listing.  I eat apples, onions, garlic,  mushrooms, baked beans and peas.  And sometimes I pay for it.   I am more sensitive to some of the foods than others.  But I still stay away from gluten and dairy.

If you would like to try the fodmap diet, you may find that some of these foods bother you and some don’t.  It is a trial and error, just like eating gluten and dairy free.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • See a nutritionist.  They can help you sort all of this out in a safe way
  • Take the list with you when you shop.  Plan your meals around eliminating these foods
  • Do not try to eliminate all of them at once.  Eliminate one group at a time and see if you feel better or not.  Then move onto the next group
  • Watch out for probiotic supplements
  • Watch out for artificial sweeteners-even in medication.  Read labels!
  • Try going gluten, then dairy free first.  Then go to fodmaps
  • Try taking Mastic gum-it heals the gut and helps with “gushy” stomach, as I put it. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements!
  • Do your homework!
  • Eating out may be more of a challenge.  Accept this and realize you might have a reaction
  • Order plain chicken, beef or fish and plain veggies.  Always your safest bet.

Sometimes it seems overwhelming when you find you can’t eat a lot of foods you love.  Try to focus on what you can eat, not what you can’t.  When dining out, enjoy the company of others you are with, not on the food.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who needs a helping hand. Please comment, like and share.

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  1. Wonderfully witty title for this cause. Irritable Bowel is mostly an annoyance. I cannot believe how common it is. So many people, ill and not ill, are trying it as the healthier alternative. I did try it for months, but lost too much weight in the process and had to go back to eating regular foods. I don’t think the change to Fodmap helped me much. I still stay away from dairy and gluten as much as I can… in moderation, as they say!
    I really enjoyed this post (:


    1. thecatspajamas1963 says:

      Thank you for commenting!

      Yes it doesn’t help everyone and it is really restrictive. As I said in my post I don’t follow it completely.
      That said, my IBS was really improved by going gluten and dairy free.
      I want everyone to know they have options. As I have always said- do what is best for you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. After years of misery and suffering from digestive issues, being told it’s IBS, eat more fiber by doctors who didn’t even ask me what I do eat first! I’m vegetarian, I eat tons of fiber, fiber supplements just made the suffering worse, lo and behold I discovered FODMAPS and realized OMG I eat just about everything on the list and almost always feel sick and miserable, I started eliminating some FODMAPS just to see and found yes I am sensitive to gluten, cows milk is no good, although I’m ok with some cheeses (or maybe I’m just kidding myself because I LOVE cheese!), onions and leeks are oh so bad, yikes can I eat anything?? Then I came across an article about xanthan gum and that was a major light bulb moment for me, yes it makes me sick and guess what it’s in tons of gluten free and vegetarian foods, I had to dump my almond milk and coconut milks, protein powders and bars, create my own gluten free mixes and read labels like crazy. I’m still navigating through this but sites like yours really do help even if only just to feel less alone in this crazy world of food intolerance 🙂

    I’ve started adding more and more recipes to my blog that address my food issues, if you’re interested check it out at and please keep writing what you do, thanks!


    1. glutenfreelady says:

      I know exactly how you feel. I suffered almost all my life with stomach issues but what really triggered the IBS was having my gallbladder removed. I am so glad my posts resonate. Thank you so much for your comments.


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