You call it lactose, I call it lactic, let’s call the whole thing cheese



Cheese is one of those things that really has no replacement.  Like gluten free bread, you have to get used to the different texture and flavor.  But some of it comes close.

Recently, I had a debate with someone in a facebook group over whether dairy free cheese is truly dairy free.  We were discussing gluten free pizza, and the topic came up about dairy free cheese.  I can tell you that gluten free, dairy free frozen pizza just doesn’t measure up folks.  For some reason, dairy free shreds are a slimy, icky version of the real thing.  Yuck.  Now, the slices are ok.  In fact, Daiya, pictured above, is my favorite.

I was ok with gluten free pizza.  Until the no dairy fairy decided to visit me.  No better than Aunt flow if you ask me.   If I ever catch her, I will pour almond milk over her head and stick her with a cattle prod.

My fellow facebook debate buddy proceeded to argue with me over the difference between lactose and lactic acid.  They are not the same thing.



noun: lactose
  1. a sugar present in milk. It is a disaccharide containing glucose and galactose units
lac·tic ac·id
ˌlaktik ˈasəd/


noun: lactic acid
  1. a colorless syrupy organic acid formed in sour milk and produced in the muscle tissues during strenuous exercise.

From the website “What allergy?”

“Whilst researching this I’ve unearthed some very conflicting results. Some websites say lactic acid is dairy free, some say it’s potentially dairy free as it can be prepared with milk as the initial growth medium, and some say that it should definitely be avoided by those with a dairy allergy.”

Now having said all of that….notice the words “dairy allergy”.   I do not have an actual allergy.  I have an intolerance.  There is a difference.  Some dairy free cheeses have lactic acid as an ingredient, and may  not be tolerated by some, but may be tolerated by others.

So I basically gave in and said-you have to do what is best for you.  Then she proceeded to say “it has annato coloring which is used in bowel cleansing”.  What????  It is used as a coloring agent mainly. You’d have to eat an awful lot of it to have that effect, in my opinion.

Ok, if you want to go ahead and worry about food additives, you might as well stop buying packaged foods.  I am guessing she eats only meat and vegetables.  Well, how about that antibiotic, and growth hormone?  And don’t forget those pesticides.

Excuse my sarcasm, but people who put their head in the sand about one thing and then complain about another thing get my goat.  BAAAAAA…..In this day and age, we can’t avoid additives, drugs and poison in our food and water supply.  Gluten and dairy free foods are just as unhealthy as the things they are replacing. And just as poisonous to my body as those growth hormones and pesticides. You have to pick your battles.

To my mind, I feel so much better than I did almost a year ago.  But as I said to her, to each his own.  What works for you may not work for me.  Sometimes you have to win the battle, not the war.  And the war on gluten and dairy rages on, my friends, it rages on.

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