Gone with the wheat-the burning of mylanta


My poor gallbladder gave up the ghost in 1998 and I almost instantly had IBS.  You know IBS?  The disease no one wants to talk about in mixed company.  When you always know where every bathroom is because you have an app on your phone.  Long car trips make you break out in a cold sweat.  You have stock in immodium and flushable wipes.

Anyway….the IBS led to more health issues-like acid reflux.  That’s where the mylanta comes in.  And the prilosec, and the sitting up in bed trying to sleep….

A family member went gluten and dairy free and we thought he was obsessed to the point of having some new fangled eating disorder.  Then I began to do research and thought…hmmm… there might be something to this after all.

The following week, I went on an elimination diet.  You know, where you eliminate every food you have ever loved, craved, dreamed about and drooled over.  I am a carb addict, and let me tell you, that two weeks gave me a peek into the fifth circle of hell.   I also grilled (no pun intended) my knowledgeable family member on what the hell I could eat.  Being married to a man who loves my carb loaded cooking didn’t help either.  Sundays dinners are a mainstay of our relationship.  Cooking was one of the reasons I was able to catch him in the first place.  I wondered, could I adapt to the gluten free lifestyle?

Now mind you, my other half’s birthday was coming up, and wise person that I am, I decided to go on this diet right before his expensive birthday dinner out.  Great timing, I know.  But I have always been the type to jump in with two feet, consequences be damned.   And that, my friends, has at times backfired on me like an old car.  Panicking, I found a nutritionist to help me navigate the pitfalls of this rash decision.

I found after one visit that I could do this on my own-without a parachute, so to speak.  Crash landing be damned!  Full steam ahead, damn the torpedos…..oh sorry, got carried away there for a minute.

So we did go out to dinner.  I didn’t at that time know about my dairy allergy.  A couple of glasses of wine didn’t hurt either.

After that, I got serious about reading everything I could find on gluten intolerance-the good, the bad and the ugly.  There is great information out there on the web, and also in books.  I was able to learn a lot, and I am still learning. I want to help others who are stepping through this minefield called gluten and dairy free.

Unfortunately, gluten and dairy intolerance often go hand in hand, just like milk and cookies….sigh…..I tried lactose free first but that didn’t cut it.  Double whammy!!!  Oh well, there’s always almond milk.

I have found ways to adapt recipes, make my own cheese, find hidden gluten and eat on the road without getting sick. My husband even likes most of what I make.  He is a good sport and my greatest support.   I will share all my knowledge with you with a smile on my face, a song in my heart, and a gluten free cookie in my hand.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, recipes, ideas and thoughts.

Remember-nothing is impossible….but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!

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